Thank you for playing! Move using the arrow keys and explore around.

Vertigo was originally created for the Isolation #BitsyJam

I'm always kind of an overthinker, but these days of Isolation have had me in a hyper-contemplative mood. I wanted to do something close to what's been roaming in my head, mostly to let it out (this to say I'm sorry if it gets weirdly personal). I know I'm not the only one who feels vertigo when they look inside too much.

This is my first Bitsy Jam and I'm very excited. Please let me know if you find any bugs. I'd love to read what you think.

Here you can find an Spanish version of the game.

The music is Infancia, by Gerry Weil.

Now ✨ fun facts ✨

* The position of the stars in the first space room is my attempt to recreate the actual sky from last Sunday (March 29, 2020).

* The quote from Moby Dick is from chapter 32 "Cetology".

* The quote from Don Quixote is from the Prologue (Which I could 100% copy and paste here to express my feelings towards this game haha).

* The music the turntable is playing is In Between Days, by The Cure.

* This is the poem at the beginning, by Rafael Cadenas (Sorry I don't have a full version in English).

Special thanks to Jaime Yañez (caballitodefuego) for leading the way to Bitsy and supporting me, to Claudia and Ezequiel for being my beta testers.

Made using Adam Le Doux's life-saver engine Bitsy

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, home, isolation, Pixel Art, Short, Space


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This is  a beautiful experience. The perfect piece of music as well. I loved the journey through space, and the different quotes peppered throughout. Thanks for sharing some of yourself with us.

Estoy llorando ahora mismo

muy buen juego :")


I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing :) 

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it :)


The insane amount of quality in this makes me ashamed of mine...


Hahaha thank you for the kind words, but don't ever feel ashamed of your own stuff! ❤️❤️


Oh I'm going to be thinking about this long after I've played it. Beautiful work!


Thank you so much ❤️

I also left my plant at the office and listen to The Cure. :)

this was beautiful!


Aw, I hope your plant is okay too. I love The Cure with all my heart, I was so excited when I found that Standing on a Beach vinyl.

Thank you for playing ❤️

Great life titbits! And those clouds are magnificent


Thank you! I appreciate you enjoyed my random thoughts haha. And I spent more time on the clouds than I would like to admit, so thank you again! :)

This was very pretty! Nicely put together

Thank you so much! :)

I felt so happy finishing this! I just discovered bitsy based games and this one's so candid : 3


Thank you! There are so many wonderful Bitsy games out there, so it's really an honor you enjoyed mine ❤️

Beautiful experience, thank you :)

Thank YOU for playing! ❤️❤️


Such a beautiful little game! Writing was super solid and the simple pixelart was stunning. Maybe it's time for me to mess around in bitsy...

Thank you so much! The writing is what I was most nervous about honestly, so it means a lot. Bitsy is amazing, I'm grateful for its existence hahaha.